Concept Zone Exhibition Fixture FZCO

Concept Zone Exhibition Fixture FZCO

Dubai, Emiratos Arabes Unidos, EUA

12 opiniones en neventum Puntuación: 2,92/5
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Lo que mejor demuestra que el hecho de que Dubai, parte de los Emiratos Árabes Unidos, que es solamente en el año 42, gana EXPO 2020, que tiene una historia que se extiende más de 263 años data de la exposición universal de Londres en 1851.

Así que no puede negar que este es el mejor lugar del planeta que ¿continúa desarrollando la exposición, eventos y negocios relacionados?

Somos una empresa familiar privada que tiene seguridad financiera.

Nos propio de nuestra tierra en Jebel Ali y seguimos para desarrollar esto como una propiedad comercial para proporcionar mejor soporte para nuestros clientes.

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Puntuación: 2,92/5 12 opiniones en neventum

Stand en Dubai publicado

Poor management of units, delayed statements, delayed installations, sales agents using deceptive tactics, non-delivery, not taking responsibility, non-transparency, etc, etc.

Stand en Dubai & Abu dhabi publicado

Worked 20 days in this company is the worst decision I have ever made in my life. The experience that I learned was hardly anything it was just waste of time and energy. They hired me by telling a lie that you are appointed as the graphic designer, but they had an emergency show to finish immediately. I worked day and night continuously by considering the company situation and to show my loyalty for giving me a job even thought it giving me too much bad physical conditions. And end of all after finishing the show, they told me that, they are not stamping the visa anymore for me and you were a temporary staff, we send the salary for these days to your account. Already I have finished spending all the money I had. I have to travel to the company and for the other expenses like food and my rent.
I keep calling everyday after that, but no answer from the other end or once the pick-up the call accidentally, then BLA BLA BLA.... Until this day I haven't got my salary yet for all the handwork I put for them. Still I am wondering about how human can behave like this to people. The managers were even hopeless to look at, literally I feel sorry for the employees because they do their best and gets terminated and salary cuts every week. Please do now ever join this company to work with They literally do not promise you anything.

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